We provide high-performance, refractories that suit your needs

A modern furnace system is expected not only to be efficient or durable, but also to be eco-friendly and flexible to various applications.
Refractories are vital elements that greatly affect the performance of a furnace.
We hav vast experience and skills in everything from planning to design and maintenance. Chuo Refractory Sales & Engineering Corporation aims to create the best and most superior furnaces using our accumulated experience and artisanal skills.

Available refractories
As a refractory general trading company, we offer a variety of refractories to meet your needs.

Electric arc furnace refractories

EBT taphole brics
EBT taphole bricks are one of our highly-rated products. The tube portion is made from high corrosion-resistant MgO-C bricks and the terminal portion from high oxidation-resistant Al2O3-SiC-C bricks.
The terminal portion, where oxidation resistance is secured at low temperatures by means of a special additive, features work reduction by preventing scull sticking at the top surface, and reduction of the turbulent flow of molten steel by preventing fusing damage of the wrapper.

Ladle refractories

Sliding nozzle
Attached to the bottom of ladles, sliding nozzles allow adjustment of the molten metal level in a tundish.
>>Porous plugs, MgO-C bricks, Al
2O3-MgO-C bricks, etc.

Tundish refractories

Attached to the bottom of tundishes and allows nozzle replacement without stopping casting.
>>Castables, tundish nozzles, charging bricks, etc.

Heating furnace refractories

They have a higher adiabatic effect than other adiabatic materials such as ceramic fiber, They also contribute to energy conservation and thinner construction.
>>Ceramic fibers, electrocast bricks, burner tiles, etc.

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